The Biggest Mosquito

 I am pretty sure that you have seen different varieties of mosquitoes buzzing around you, but have you ever wondered about the biggest mosquito in the world?

In this post, you will learn about “the biggest mosquito” in the world so let’s buzz into it!

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More than 3,000 known mosquito species are found almost everywhere on the planet including 176 species are recognized in the United States. In 2001, a new species called Anopheles grabhamii, was found in Florida.

Among these wide varieties of mosquitoes, one mosquito grabbed the title of the biggest mosquito in the world, i.e., Australian Elephant Mosquito.

Did you know?

The Spanish called the mosquitoes “MUSKETAS,” mean “little fly” and the native Hispanic Americans called them “ZANCUDOS” meand “long-legged.” source

Scientific Classification of the Biggest Mosquito

Did you know?

The most common mosquito species are Aedes mosquitoes, Anopheles mosquitoes, and Culex mosquitoes.

Biggest mosquito size

The biggest mosquito, the Australian elephant mosquito Toxorhynchites speciosus can grow up to 18 mm (0.71 in) in length and 24 mm (0.94 in) in wingspan.

Why is the biggest mosquito called the ‘Elephant’ Mosquito?

If you are thinking that the biggest mosquito which is known by the nickname ‘Elephant Mosquito‘ is due to its size, then you are probably wrong.

They got this name due to its mouthpart structure. They have long, trunk-shaped proboscis that curves downward bending at the tip. This trunk-shaped structure helps them sucking nectar from flowers and shows them like the elephant’s trunk.

Biggest mosquito bite

Australian elephant mosquito neither bite animals/humans nor transmit any vector-borne diseases.

Biggest mosquito diet

Since they don’t require blood to survive and lay eggs, they are human-friendly. They usually feed on the larvae of other mosquitoes and nectors.

Biggest mosquito color

These mosquito species are also known for their bright and colorful pattern. Their thorax and abdomen are a blend of various colors such as blue, gold, green, silver, purple, and white.

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