Octopus Facts For Kids


Let’s know some amazing Octopus facts for kids. Octopuses are ocean creatures with bulbous heads, large eyes, and most famous eight very useful arms.

Its scientific name is Octopoda. The scientific Latin term Octopoda is a Greek word means (oktō, “eight”) and (poda, “foot”). 

Octopus size is about 1/2 inches to 30 feet across and weighs up to 600 pounds. The 300 species of octopus on earth have many interesting facts to know about their adaptations that help them survive in the ocean.

Octopuses are among the most flexible animals on earth.

Let's start to explore some interesting Octopus facts for kids -

Giant Pacific Octopus

➤ FACT 1. The giant Pacific octopus is the largest octopus in the world.

➤ FACT 2. The Octopus Wolfi is the smallest octopus in the world.

➤ FACT 3. Octopuses’ body is without skeletons means they don’t have bones in their arms or body. Their body is super flexible.

➤ FACT 4. An interesting fact is that there is only one hard part in the octopus body i.e beak. The beak is made of cartilage and is located inside the head and it helps them to squeeze their heads get them out from anywhere.

➤ FACT 5. As Octopuses are among the most flexible animals on earth, a large octopus can slip inside a small bottle like a beer bottle. Its flexibility allows them to wiggle and bends into small places, such as between rocks, to hide from their enemies.


➤ FACT 6. The arms of an octopus can have over 200 suckers that are made of tiny, complex muscles. These suckers are very much helpful for them like helping in tearing flesh, lifting heavyweight, holding the ocean surface firmly, capturing prey and also in a tasting, etc. Yes, it is true. Octopus tastes with the help of Suckers.

➤ FACT 7. One sucker of the giant Pacific octopus can lift objects as heavy as 35 pounds i.e 16 kg.

➤ FACT 8. Octopus is super expert in camouflage. They use their color to camouflage. Octopus has special color cells in their skin. When they want to camouflage itself, the color cell gets activated and its skin pulls out different combinations of colors like brown, yellow, and red to match with its surroundings.

➤ FACT 9. They don’t have lungs or spines but the octopus has 3 HEARTS. The two smaller hearts pump blood to the gills, while a third larger one circulates it to the rest of the body.


➤ FACT 10. Octopuses have Blue Blood because the blood contains the copper-based pigment hemocyanin that makes it more efficient in transporting oxygen in an extremely cold, low-oxygen environment.

➤ FACT 11. Octopuses have NINE Brains. One brain controls the nervous system where all the analysis and decision making takes place. It also has eight small brains – located in each of eight arms. These eight brains help them to make perfect movement balance among all arms.

➤ FACT 12. Octopuses can Regenerate their arms. It means it can regrow their lost arms.

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