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Explore 8 Types of Energy For Kids With Examples

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What is energy?

The ability to do work” is known as energy. Anything happening around us only due to energy.

Our body needs the energy to play, to run, to solve math problems and doing homework, etc.  We get this energy from our food. 

In the same manner, mechanical objects such as cars, buses, ships, and airplanes also need the energy to do their work but another kind of energy sources like gasoline or electricity. Now we will discuss about types of energy for kids with sources and examples.

Energy is ability to do work.

What are the 8 types of energy?

#1. Kinetic Energy

Running Car

Any moving things use kinetic energy. For example, flying an airplane in the sky, throwing balls, running, cycling, climbing, etc are examples of kinetic energy.

Moving cars on the road is having kinetic energy whereas the parked car is not having kinetic energy.

It means kinetic energy only exists when a body or object is moving. When an object is at rest its kinetic energy becomes zero.
So, in very simple terms we can say that the kinetic energy depends on the motion.

If Motion = 0,
Kinetic Energy = 0.

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#2. Chemical Energy

Chemical energy is the energy that is stored in the bonds of atoms and molecules. When this chemical reaction occurs, this energy is released. We use chemical energy in our cars in the form of gasoline to drive.

Batteries, biomass, oil, natural gas, and coal are examples of stored chemical energy. Food is also a good example of stored chemical energy. This energy is released during digestion.

Examples of stored chemical energy

Chemical Batteries

#3. Electrical Energy

Electrical energy is moving energy that is generated by tiny charged particles called electrons and protons. A lightning bolt is one form of electrical energy. We are almost doing every work with electricity. Electrical energy is a type of kinetic energy caused by moving electric charges.

Examples of electrical energy

Electrical Car
Charging Smartphone

#4. Heat Energy

Burning Biomass

Heat energy is also known as Thermal Energy. The energy that comes from a fire is thermal energy. As we know matter is made up of molecules. When we raise the temperature of matter the particles vibrate faster. 

Heat energy is the energy that comes from the temperature of matter. Electrical or gas stoves, room heaters, etc are examples of heat (thermal) energy.

#5. Light Energy

Light energy is also known as Radiant energy. The Earth gets a lot of its energy from the light of the Sun. Plants take light energy from the sun and convert it into chemical energy (food) which helps them to grow, this is known as photosynthesis.

Examples of light energy


#6. Sound Energy

The louder we scream, the more sound energy we use. Anything that you hear is the sound energy. In addition to our voices, there are many other examples of sound energy: Clapping your hands, playing guitar, barking dogs, etc.


#7. Gravitational Energy

Gravitational energy is the force that keeps us on the ground. Large objects such as the Earth and the Sun create gravity and gravitational energy. Gravitational energy is the reason why cycling your bike downhill is faster than cycling your bike uphill and why after throwing a ball up in the sky comes down.

#8. Nuclear Energy

As we know that atoms are made up of electrons, Protons, and neutrons. Nuclear energy is released when atoms are joined together or split apart (fission).

Hope you enjoyed the types of energy for kids topic. You can visit here if you want to learn more about types of energy for kids and their sources. Also, attempt a Types of Energy Quiz to test your knowledge.

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