General Science Question Answers

#Answer 1. The sky is blue because -

The sky is blue because of the way sunlight travels through the atmosphere.

Our atmosphere is composed of many gas particles and other small things. In which nitrogen is 78% and oxygen is 21% etc.

The sunlight seems white, but it is made of a combination of 7 colors.
Easy way to remember the seven colors i.e. VIBGYOR = Violet, Indigo, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange, Red. These are the 7 colors we see in the rainbow.

As sunlight enters our atmosphere, gas particles that are present in the atmosphere absorb shorter wavelengths.

The blue and indigo wavelengths are much shorter than red, yellow and green, so it is absorbed by the gas particles and scatter in different directions. And that color is reflected back to our eyes from all directions, so the whole sky looks blue.

#Answer 2. The brain made of -

Our brain is the commander in chief of our whole body. Without its order, we can not perform anything.

Did you know! The human brain is the most complex human organ.

The brain consists of billions of nerve cells called Neurons. These neurons are connected with each other and send/receive the messages from/to the whole body.

#Answer 3. We get an electric shock in winter after touching doorknobs or dry carpet because

Static electricity is the main culprit. Static electricity occurs when matter becomes temporarily charged.

In cold weather, static electricity is more frequent as the air becomes dry, and electrons are easier to form on the surface of the skin. In hot climates, moisture in the air helps the electrons move faster so we don’t get such a large static charge.

Mostly the atom is electrically neutral because it has the same number of protons and electrons. But when an object (or person) has extra electrons, it has a negative charge. Things with opposite charges (+ve and -ve) are always attracted to each other, so positive charges seek negative ones and negative ones seek positives.

So when we touch any metal doorknobs, we get kind of electrical shock, as excess electrons flee our fingertips in a mini current.

#Answer 4. We have wax in our ears because

Cerumen, a naturally occurring substance, made by the thousands of tiny glands hidden in the outer ear.

As cerumen is secreted from the glands, it collects dirt and dead skin cells. This is Earwax.

Earwax supports our ears in many ways such as it prevents dirt and bacteria from entering the innermost parts of your ears.

It coats the skin, helping hold moisture in.

It also acts as an insect repellant.

#Answer 5. Lizards walk on walls

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