Science For Kids

Explore the science section to know amazing and fun facts of science including plant facts, animal facts, solar system facts, human body facts, physics for kids, chemistry for kids, earth science facts for kids and much more.

There are large collections of How and Why questions – answers and easy science experiments and science fair projects ideas for kids. They can come to know the facts of our daily life science activities such as Why the sky is blue, How does season change, How our brain controls our body, etc. I hope kids will enjoy reading these cool science experiments and facts.

Plants Facts

Explore the amazing world of plants and learn about cool plant facts for kids. 

Animal Facts

Want to know more about the animal world? Explore the fun facts of animals.

Solar System

Want to know more about our solar system? Explore the fun facts of solar system for kids. 

Human Body

Let’s explore some interesting and cool facts of human body for kids. 


Facts of physics for kids. Topics are magnets, sound, light, motion, force and many more.


Welcome to our smart class of chemistry for kids. Explore many more topics.

Science Quiz

Now its your turn! Check your knowledge by attempting science quiz for kids 

Earth Science

Want to know much more about our earth? Explore the facts of earth science. 

Just dive in this section to know many more how and why answers for kids.

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