North America Facts For Kids

Our North America facts for kids will give you lots of interesting and fun facts about the North America continent. 

Where is North America?
The continent is located in the Northern Hemisphere and the Western Hemisphere.

Do you know how big North America is?
North America is the third largest continent and accounts for about 16.5% of the world’s landmass.

What is the rank of North America in terms of population?
North America is the fourth largest state in terms of population.

Mount McKinley

How many oceans are there in North America?
North America is surrounded by three oceans.

North: Arctic Ocean,
East: Atlantic Ocean
West and South: Pacific Ocean

Largest Country of North America: Canada

Smallest Country of North America: St. Kitts and Nevis is the smallest country in North America. The total area of ​​St. Kitts and Nevis is only 261 square kilometers,

Second Largest Country: United States

Largest city: Mexico City, the capital of Mexico, has about 9 million inhabitants.

How Many Countries in North America?
There are 23 countries and 9 dependent territories

Largest island: Greenland

Largest island: Greenland.

Do you know what the island is?
The island is a piece of land surrounded by water and not so large that it is called a continent. Greenland is located in the North Atlantic Ocean.

Longest River: Missouri River

Highest mountain: Mount McKinley (also known as Manali) is the highest mountain in the North American continent. It is located in the state of Alaska in the United States.

Largest Lake: Lake Superior is the largest lake in North America and Lake Huron is the second largest lake in North America.

Lake Superior

Motivation point, hottest and lowest: Death Valley, located in the Mojave Desert, California.

Best place to live on the mainland: Vancouver, Canada is the best place to live on the continent.  Factors that helped Vancouver win the title include high-quality medical care, cultural diversity and over 200 parks.

North America’s highest mountain: Denali in Alaska / USA. Previously, this mountain was known as Mount Mackinlay.

Largest Freshwater Lake: Lake Superior is the largest freshwater lake in the world. It borders the United States and Canada.

North America is generally divided into three main sub-regions: Canada (located in the north), United States (located in the center) and Mexico (located in the north).

Death Valley, California
Denali, Alaska

23 Countries Name of North America

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