About Us

Thank you very much for your precious time visiting the about us page of smartclass4kids.com. I am Puja, and I live in Austin, Texas (USA) with my lovely daughter (Aanya Anand) and caring husband. We had launched smartclass4kids.com in January 2020, and very quickly, we started getting unexpected positive responses in terms of the number of visitors on the website.
Since my student life, I have had a passion for teaching other students, sharing my knowledge, and learning from others. But to be very honest, my passion for teaching did not give birth to this project.
I was always concerned for my daughter for her studies, and I used to teach and help her understand the subject’s basic concept. At the same time, my daughter also enjoys her study time with me apart from her teacher guidance in school.
This helped her, and she is doing great in her study. I remember when my daughter suggested to me, “Why not create a website and share interesting facts and help understand the basic concept of the subjects?” I like her idea, and this gave birth to smartclass4kids.com.
I am very thankful for the overwhelming response, and this always inspires me to deliver quality content in the easiest way possible. First, we started with publishing articles and then we introduced a free quiz to brush up on your concept. We are also working on worksheets, and very soon, this will be available on your website smartclass4kids.com in a downloadable pdf for free of costs.

I will try my best to maintain this website as a very helpful resource for students, teachers and parents. As we are all human, therefore If you find that I have made any mistake in the website content, please feel free to connect with me on my email address – [email protected].

At the same time, I also encourage you to share your valuable suggestions that can help to improve the overall learning experience.

For your kind information, my daughter, Aanya is also a blogger. You can visit her blog – anyaanand.com. She has written plenty of interesting articles. But “5 Ways To Calm Your Anger Down” is my favourite article.  I love the thoughtful mind of my little angel. Love you my sweetheart.

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