20 Amazing Dog Facts


Amazing Dog Facts: Do you think you know everything about our canine companions? Check out these 20 most interesting facts about dogs you may have never heard.

20 Amazing Dog Facts Are Below:

FACT 1. ➤  The Biggest Dog Breed in the World. “The Great Dane” named Zeus, measured 1.118 m (44 in) tall on 4 October 2011 to become the biggest dog in the world. Zeus died in 2014 but is still the largest dog ever. The Great Dane have been nicknamed Gentle Giant.

The Great Dane Vs. Chihuahuas

FACT 2.  The Smallest Dog Breed in the World.Chihuahuas” is the smallest dog breed with an average height of 15-25 cm and average weight of 4-6 LB.This breed has origins in Mexico and is named after the Mexican state of Chihuahua.

FACT 3.  The Heaviest Dog Breeds are the “Old English mastiff” and the St Bernard. Males of Old English mastiff and the St Bernard breeds regularly weigh 77–91 kg i.e.170–200 lb

Basenji Dog

FACT 4.  Barkless Dog. “Basenji” dogs don’t bark but yodel. It’s true, Basenji don’t bark instead they have a delightful yodel, hair-raising scream and whine.

FACT 5. An adult dog sleeps for 12-14 hours spread over a 24-hour period.

FACT 6. ➤  Fastest Dog Breed. “Greyhound” is the fastest dog breed in the world and can run up to 45 mph.

FACT 7.  The lifespan of a dog depends upon breed and size. Generally smaller dogs often live over 15–16 years, whereas medium and large size dogs typically 10 to 13 years. Some of the giant dog breeds, like mastiffs, only live up to 7/8 years.

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FACT 8. ➤  The average adult human cannot hear sounds above 20,000 Hertz (Hz). Dogs, on the other hand, can hear sounds as high as 47,000 to 65,000 Hz. A dog whistle (used for dog’s training) usually emits sound at greater than 20,000 Hz which explains why dogs respond to a dog whistle while it appears silent to us.

As a human, we can generally hear a sound from 20 yards away but a dog can hear this sound from a distance of 200 yards.

The ears of a dog are controlled by at least 18 muscles, which allow the ears to tilt and rotate to maximize sound reception. While humans are equipped with only 6 muscles and can only move their ears slightly, if at all.

FACT 9. ➤  Why Do Dogs Have Wet Noses?
The wetness of a dog’s nose is from a mixture of saliva and mucus. A dog’s nose secretes its own, skinny layer of mucus, and dogs add even more mucus and saliva by licking their noses frequently.

First, keeping their noses moist helps them regulate their body temperature and absorb scent chemicals.

FACT 10. ➤ Newfoundlandsmake good doggy lifeguards. Because they have webbed feet as well as water resistant fur. They were originally used to help fishermen and drowning people.

FACT 11. ➤  Three dogs survived the Titanic sinking. Three out of the 12 dogs survived the sinking of the Titanic: Two Pomeranian dogs and One Pekingese dog.

Three dogs survived the Titanic sinking (pic source:akc.org)

FACT 12. ➤ All puppies are born deaf and bliend. And they cannot hear until they are 21 days old.

FACT 13. ➤  There are over 150 types of dogs. According to a pet owners survey, there were approximately 89.7 million dogs owned in the United States in 2017, which is more than the total population of Canada. (source)

According to Wikipedia, The global dog population is estimated to be 900 million, of which 83% are unrestrained.

FACT 14. ➤ Which dog breed is the most successful hunter in the world? African hunting dogs. According to the Guinness World Record “African hunting dogs, also called Cape hunting dogs, African painted dogs or hyena dogs, are successful in 50–70% of their hunts, consistently the highest figure in the mammalian world.”

FACT 15. ➤  Most Popular Dogs in the World. “The Labrador Retriever” dog has been the most popular since 1991. 

Its gentle nature, loyal and obedience, ideal size and limitless energy for assisting people in many ways has kept the Labrador as the top dog. They also assist police and are a common choice as guide dogs.

The Labrador Retriever and Pit Bull Terrier

FACT 16. ➤ Most historians believe that dogs were the first animals to be domesticated.

FACT 17. ➤  The Most Dangerous Dog Breed in the World is the “Pit Bull Terrier”.  During World War I, pit bull-type dogs represented American forces on posters as well as in the field. Their loyalty and bravery made them the perfect “spokesdog.”

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FACT 18. ➤ The Most Expensive Dog in the World. According to CNBC, a golden-haired Tibetan mastiff puppy has reportedly been sold for a whopping $2 million in China, potentially making it the world’s most expensive dog.

FACT 19. ➤  When dogs poop, they prefer to do it in alignment with the Earth’s magnetic field. Also their poop is in a pattern.

FACT 20. ➤  The First Dog Who Went to the Space was named “LAIKA”.  According to NASA, “On November 3rd, 1957, Sputnik 2 blasted into Earth orbit with a dog named Laika aboard. Laika, which is Russian for “Husky” or “Barker,” had the real name of Kudryavka (“Little Curly”).

Laika was launched on the Soviet Union's Sputnik 2 mission in November 1957. (Image: © NASA)

Hope you enjoyed the amazing dog facts.

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